Enviro-Gods: Hesperana

Nearly all of my pop-up books consider organisms and ecosystems in order to address issues regarding system balance, sustainability, and ecological and cultural evolution. In this piece I foreground cultural evolution in the form of human religious practice. I introduce a new god—a 21st century frog goddess named Hesperana. Just as past gods were constructed to explain the unexplainable or provide a

focal point for mercy pleas, Hesperana is a contemporary invention contrived to address contemporary concerns. Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods provided inspiration for this notion. Hesperana is the world’s first global and pan-cultural deity. Her name is a blend of the word esperanza,  Spanish for ‘hope,’ and rana, Latin for ‘frog’.


This single folio pop-up was developed for inclusion in Hand Papermaking Inc.'s 2010 portfolio titled "Paper in Motion." There are no single-folio copies available for sale; contact Hand Papermaking Inc. if you would be interested in purchasing a complete portfolio. 


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