Welcome to the NeighborWood: A Pop-Up Book of Animal Architecture

Welcome to the NeighborWood explores the ingenuity of nonhuman builders in terms of structural design, location choice, and material and tool use. These builders, all residents of the same ecosystem, are linked through rhyme; more importantly, they are linked through interrelationships. From one spread to the next, these creatures share or compete for resources—such as space or food—and manage to maintain communal balance. 

Welcome to the NeighborWood: A Pop-Up Book of Animal Architecture is constructed of handmade, hand-dyed cotton/abaca paper and the occasional scrap of Tyvek. The covers are hand made from cotton. Type was set digitally in Gill Sans and letterpress printed from magnesium plates. Preissig Roman served as template for the cutting of the titles. Limited edition of 10. Sold out. (But if you are interested, you might consider purchasing a copy of the trade edition here.)


photo credit: Julia Stotz



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