A Pop-Up Culinary Herbal

A Pop-Up Culinary Herbal puts ancient medicinal theory into modern practice. Using pre-scientific logic, it links vegetables and their curative properties with 21st-century ills—both societal and individual. Though the cures are fictions, some parts of each listing are true: each of the 12 cultivars is an authentic heirloom, the listing of constituents is accurate, and the nutritional value of each vegetable is verified by modern science. Here's an excerpt from the pumpkin spread:


"The largest vegetable ever grown was a pumpkin. This New World crowd-pleaser has the heft and charm to take down any Old World ideology, especially fundamentalism. Do you know Tea Partyists who oppose same-sex marriage? Help them focus on improving opposite-sex marriage. Do you know Jihadists who destroy ancient artifacts? Help them focus on creating new ones. Serve pumpkin as pie or bread; it tastes better with a little sugar and butter."


Shawn Sheehy concepted, engineered and designed this herbal. Sarah Vogel letterpress printed the text and assisted with assembly. All stock is commercial cover in varying weights from various manufacturers. All type was digitally set in Italian Electric and output to polymer plates. 6.5” h x 4.5” w x 1.25 d.


Limited edition of 30. Sold out.


photo credit: Brian Guido


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